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Portable。Intelligent 。Nutritionist

Provides instant nutrition advice on your food choices and personal health

  • Recognise Foods from Chinese and English Menu
  • Overview Traffic lights, red, yellow and green coloured labels
  • Instant personalized response according to your health
  • No manual input of food name required.

EatRite copes with different dietary scenarios


Recognizes Food Nutrition Labels, Chain Restaurant Logos

  • Chain Restaurant Logo Recognization

Through the lens of the mobile phone, recognize the chain restaurant logos, showing popular foods' calories.

  • Food Nutrition Label Recognization

By pointing the lens at the food nutrition label, Eat Rite intelligent nutritionist will interpret the meaning of the label information in nutrition for you.

Eat Rite rides on big data and applies artificial intelligence technologies to generate your AI health reports.

Instant “Health Check” at home, facilitating Personalized Health Advisory

  • Health Check Report

Items include: blood pressure, fasting blood sugar index, cholesterol, triglycerides, etc., with coloured health indicators. 

  • Chronic Health Risk Assessment Report

Cardiovascular Disease Risk, Heart Age, Diabetes Risk, and Fatty Liver Risk. (Reference: Framingham Heart Study)


Eat Rite Provides You the "Best Practice" from Big Data


Compare your Diet and Health Status with Healthy People of the Same Age Group

  • "Meal Challenge"

qualifies your energy and nutrients in each meal by comparing with those healthy people of the same age group.

  • Chronic Health risk

Are you considered as health with your similar age friends? As long as you compare, you will be triggered to make progress.

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Eat Rite - 7x24 AI Nutritionist who
understands your health!
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Even more...

Collects Trending Health News and coaches you Meditating a Healthier You

  • Trending Health News
  • Weight Loss Meditation

get health news related to hot topics, and share it with friends at any time to promote the fun of life.

Aims to deeply portray a clear weight loss goal achievement in your deeper consciousness. When you have established the amazing image after successful weight loss, your eating behaviour will naturally adjust itself to fit your image.


Eat Rite Manages the Health Ecosystem


Synchronizes with Apple Health to centrally manage health

  • Daily walking
  • AI health check report
  • Nutritional intake records. 
key features

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Protecting User Privacy is our Top Priority

Personal information of our premium users is encrypted and protected with industrial standards. Only aggregated results and derived algorithms are used to enhance ReHealthier analytic capabilities that in turn help us to generate even more effective advice back to users.

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7x24 AI Nutritionist who understands your health!

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